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Playlist for each and every mood
Boogie down while giving up!
University can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Sure, you’re probably going to vomit your brains out from the commotion of it all, but at least now you can vibe along while doing it.

From regretful to raging to gleeful to sad, this playlist will back you up when it seems no one else will. Take a listen and remember how good it can feel to be in touch with your emotions.

“Itty Bitty Piggy” by Nicki Minaj
Are you feeling like you’ve hit a real-life version of the Super Mario Kart star power-up? Are you strutting to class and radiating rainbows? This song will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, unstoppable and simply put, hot.

Maybe physically you’re in the Sheldon and Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre but emotionally you are frolicking among puppies and birthday cake. Upbeat and cheery, this song’s electronic synths and beats promise eternal happiness with a dollop of sunshine—no biggie.

“Relay” by Fiona Apple
Men only seem to disappoint you these days, but our queen Fiona Apple won’t. Paired with experimental percussion, “Relay'' embodies female rage like no other. This song will harness your stewing fury with its cult-like vocals and metaphoric writing.

“Survival Tactics” by Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez
Feeling determined and ready for anything? Maybe it’s finally time to lift heavier at the gym or just tackle that assignment that’s four weeks overdue. Listening to this song will put you in the mood to conquer anything with its motivational lyrics and driving beat.

“Francis Forever” by Mitski
Perhaps your sadness feels endless and your bed has never looked comfier. Perfect to drown your sorrows in, “Francis Forever” offers some of Mitski’s most intimate writing yet, with themes of heartbreak and loss.

“Uh Uh” by Thundercat
With Halloween right around the corner, maybe you’re feeling panicked trying to find a last-minute costume. This song will make you feel chaotic and agile, well suited for nervous scavenging through Value Village and Dollarama.

“Lover” by Taylor Swift
Swoon! Have you been dreaming of your future spouse? Feeling particularly taken by your hallway crush? Love is clearly upon you. Listening to this T-Swift song will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that romance is alive and well.

“The Death of Love” by Cradle of Filth
Spoke too soon…if you’re feeling betrayed and ready to riot, lend an ear to “The Death of Love.” With metal vocals and driving electric guitar, you can bury the version of you that ever believed love existed.

"Nine Lives" by Odie Leigh
Watch the leaves turn red and feel cozy to this melody now that it is PSL season. Finding her audience through TikTok, Leigh brings insightful new lyricism and authenticity to the seemingly over-populated genre of acoustic folk.

"Tamacun" by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Feeling resourceful? Maybe you’re low on groceries and want to try chef-ing up a new recipe or you plan on thrift-flipping that old pair of jeans sitting in your closet. “Tamacun” will help put your skills to the test while keeping you on your toes with its peppy rhyme and syncopation.

"Down by the Lake" by TyLuv.
Need some help focusing on that assignment you procrastinated doing and now it’s overdue? Get in the mood with this instrumental bop. After listening, you’ll realize you are the Lofi Study Beats Girl and she is you. Now get to it.
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