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Advice Column: Am I becoming hotter or just pettier?
Paloma Torres answers the age-old question constantly on everyone's minds
Going through a breakup? She’ll get you over them. Friends bailed on plans? She’ll show you how to slay all the haters. With tons of life experience and a huge wealth of knowledge, Paloma knows it all and is beyond qualified to help you with all of your life problems. So go ahead, ask Paloma your questions and she’ll teach you how to be a boss just like her.

Dear Paloma,

I’ve noticed my attitude just hasn’t been the vibe lately. Yesterday I totally lost it at a restaurant because my pasta was only 18 C, which is two degrees below normal room temperature—like two degrees! How could they?

And just last week, I gave my partner the silent treatment for not answering me after five minutes. On social media, all I seem to do is hard-block people left and right, foregoing the soft-block altogether. If I’m not doing that, I leave rude comments with super sassy emojis or direct message my friends with passive-aggressive cat GIFs.

The fact of the matter is that somehow, I’ve been getting way more attention because of it. Like everyone wants to talk to me now that I’m insufferable and I’ve been getting all these compliments on how fantastic I look! Overnight, my terrible attitude has made me the hottest and most wanted being on the planet.

But even though I’m popular now, I can’t help but feel bad for my actions. Maybe I’m overthinking it but I don’t know if I’ve become hotter or just pettier! What do you think?

Potentially Petty/Hot Person

Hi Potentially Petty/Hot Person,

Sounds like you're in a pickle—not a real one of course, however, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Who wouldn’t flip with ICE COLD pasta? It should be hot when served, not 18 C. You could’ve gotten horribly sick from that!

As far as I’m concerned, you’re not petty, you just have high standards—as one should. You also had every right to give your partner the silent treatment because responding any later than three minutes is a major red flag. I’m surprised you didn’t get the ick. To be honest, I can’t believe you didn’t break up with them right then and there because that’s what I would have done. Anyways, the silent treatment was a great second choice. Make them sweat a little to make your point, who cares if it's toxic?

As for blocking people on social media, there’s no shame in that. All it means is that you know yourself and how to set boundaries, which is SO hot—like you’re literally on fire. You don’t need all that negative energy in your life and a little blockity block never hurt anyone. Besides perhaps, the people being blocked out of the blue.

My question for you is: were you being purposefully rude with your comments and emojis or just being honest? I’m sure you meant well. Some people just don’t know how to handle constructive criticism. It’s not your fault they can’t take the heat, you were just being an icon!

In my opinion, you’re getting all this attention because you’re speaking your mind and living your best life! You’re in your baddie era and people are noticing.

Hotness is not about how you look, it’s a way of life and about how you present yourself. So what if your confidence is a bit boisterous and insulting! If someone thinks you’re petty and mean, that seems like a them problem.

Hopefully now you have a bit more guidance and you can use it to make the most of being the icon that you are!

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