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The things i love to hate
As Randy Jackson once said, 'It’s a no from me'
My entire life, I have seen countless trends rise and fall across social media platforms to the point where everyone is living the same life and loving the same things. I think it's so robotic. It seems to me that people only love certain things or tolerate them because they see everyone doing the same thing. Why not be different and express your hidden feelings toward popular trends such as The Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs that everybody supposedly loves and adores? When I was a young girl, I realized I was different from everybody else. I was always the picky one about everything in life, but I also enjoyed it because it allowed me to know exactly what I desired, what I fancied or what I can go on long-winded tangents about. There are countless trends today that society favors, which I could rant about all day.

The Tote Bag
I think we all know that one of the trendiest bags currently on the market is the infamous Marc Jacobs Tote Bag. We all know which one I’m talking about—it’s all over Instagram, TikTok and of course, Toronto Metropolitan University. If I earned a dollar every time I saw someone strolling around campus with one, well, I would be rich enough to buy the whole Marc Jacobs brand. In fact, it would be enough for early retirement. My hatred for this bag knows no limits and I deem my reasons valid enough to despise it. For starters, the bag costs around $200 or more but seriously lacks in quality. It is atrocious that you can only wear the bag for a few mere months before it begins to fade due to the material and/or being out in the sun too long. It is essential for such an expensive bag to be high in quality. Furthermore, the bag is without a doubt your shoulder's worst enemy. Yes, the Tote Bag is quite spacious but what is the point of filling it up if it only inflicts unnecessary discomfort and pain onto your shoulder and back? Don't get me started on the atrociously basic design. It was never cute, much less captivating—but social media hyped it up to a level where every student wanted to get their hands on one. It’s fascinating to see the amount of people that actually felt compelled to buy one. Most of these ridiculous trends—everyone buying the same ugly bag—stem from the one app that the majority of young teens and adults cannot remove their eyes from—TikTok, the next subject of my rage.

TikTok seems to be popular both with today’s youngsters and even some adults. Back in the day, when the app was known as, it used to be grand as everyone was only lip synching and hand-dancing to sped up music remixes. But now, it seems to me that people haven't grown up yet because I cannot fathom witnessing users doing such complex yet uninteresting dances in public settings just for a few views and likes. Honest question: was it worth it? Are you amused and fulfilled by the time it took to learn those dances? Though I absolutely understand using the app to view funny content or learn new life hacks, the TikTok dances are where it needs to end. If I spend time getting ready for a nice evening out on the town, the last thing I want to see is a TikTok dance being made while I am trying to enjoy fine dining (at Popeyes). To me, making TikTok dances is the cringiest thing you can do (unless you're a child). I can rant and rant about TikTok dances and all you Charli D'Amelio wannabes can do nothing about it.

Reality TV
One thing about me is that I have no shame watching a series in five to 12 business hours. I believe that watching a movie or TV series you are totally enraptured by is a source of true internal happiness. But even though I am a Netflix fiend, there are quite a few shows that so many people would ride or die for that I would never watch, even if you paid me. Let’s start with the show that just keeps on going and never ends: Grey’s Anatomy. I just want to know how it was possible to make 18 seasons of a show that is based in a hospital? I think at least three seasons would cover all the floors, rooms and characters. I’m exhausted from hearing my friends talk about this show nonstop. How can someone be so engrossed in a show like that? Grey’s Anatomy may have enough crimes to atone for but let us discuss the real hooligan of the TV universe: reality TV. It is one of the most unrealistic, scripted and overrated genres I have ever witnessed. Love is Blind, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Ultimatum are just a tiny fraction of the reality TV shows that I cannot help but cringe at while watching—except for Love & Hip Hop; that show can stay because it is simply too entertaining watching the professional and personal lives of people in the music industry. Reality TV is a big capitalist deception and is entirely based on dramatic people who clearly do not know what self-respect is. If your partner does not want to marry you, why take them on a show? Just leave. Rule number one is to never beg someone to love you, especially not in front of thousands of viewers at home.

Let’s take a moment of silence for all our Starbucks babes who are currently getting scammed every single day without realizing it, because paying $6 for a beverage is ridiculous. In my not-so-humble opinion, iced coffee, iced capps and anything coffee-related needs to be gone just because of the fact that it simply tastes bad. This isn’t just for my sake but for the sake of everybody and the greater good. How do you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, "Ah yes, something bitter will help me get through the day"? As a young bean, I have never really grasped the love that people have for coffee and I never will. Forgive me or not, if I see you enjoying a coffee, I will hit you with a disapproving glare from head to toe. Have you ever heard of water? Or, if you need some flavor, try tea. At this point, I don’t think most people are even fond of coffee, I think they drink it for the sake of saying they drink it or having a little cup in their hands. Of all the wonderful things you can slurp, a coffee shouldn’t be on anybody’s list. When did it become acceptable to take a coffee break every two hours? That just never sat right with me.

Cream cheese
I was in elementary school when I had cream cheese for the first time. This experience changed the trajectory of my entire life. I was getting ready to leave home and walk to school but my father insisted I eat. Despite my constant refusal to eat breakfast, my dad still wouldn’t let me leave until I ate something. So, I had no choice but to surrender. I let him give me breakfast and he decided to give me cream cheese with bread. It was my worst mistake. After I had taken that first bite, I knew I shouldn't have listened to him. That cream cheese was the worst thing I have ever had in my life. I genuinely believe that there is nothing worse than cream cheese. It is so thick and the taste is very much unpleasant. So to all the Tim Hortons lovers that get the double-toasted cream cheese bagel, I have one thing to ask you: How do you do it? How do you eat such an unpalatable thing? What’s worse are the people who eat cream cheese just by itself—do you not see the crimes against humanity you’re committing or do menaces to society just have no days off? I wish I was able to seek repentance on behalf of my tastebuds for tasting that horrendous bread spread. I am constantly shocked by cream cheese’s popularity and versatility.

Today, a lot of things have gained unnecessary attention and hype when they are simply undeserving of it. It’s not my fault I was raised to be a hater. After all, I would much rather be an outlier than a fraud. It is my duty to never allow a person or the media to persuade you into believing something that you truly don't. The Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs is icky, Grey's Anatomy is pointless and cream cheese is the enemy—these are my universal truths. I know that there are so many popular things that people try to force themselves to enjoy but use me as a model and embrace your hating nature. The power is yours, so remember to never fight the urge to rant about the things you love to hate.
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